Creator Spotlight: DelrianCat! 

This month my creator spotlight shines on DelrianCat! Del has been creating for about a year and a half, and in that short time has built an impressive collection of rooms, furniture, hair, clothing and accessories. This month we'll be promoting her sultry and sensuous Tryst Bundle, created almost entirely from Bonkolina meshes.   Please take a moment to check out her new bundle and the rest of her catalog!  

As part of my new Creator Spotlight program, I have teamed up with NotorieTree to host promotional parties for those creators I find who could benefit from more exposure.  The promotional party is awarded only to selected creators who have done outstanding derivations of my meshes.  The parties are promoted heavily through our extensive contact lists, (over 2,000 and counting!) offering brand exposure to thousands of new potential customers. The parties also feature wishlist gifting from the creator's catalog, contests and a live DJ, all expenses paid. 


THIS IS NOT A CONTEST.   However, if you would like to draw my attention to your work for consideration, please send me a note and I will take a look at your catalog.  Go ahead, impress me! :)


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