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for the Spotlight? 

The Rules

Each month I will post links to a group of my meshes, which will include a room mesh. You will create a bundle of NO FEWER THAN 10 ITEMS from these meshes. You must derive from all of the specified required meshes, but additional items need not be Bonkolina meshes.


I will specify a theme for your derivations. It might be around a holiday or a season, a style or just a color combination.


When your bundle is complete and ALL PRODUCTS SUBMITTED, post a minimum of 5 screenshots of the room and furnishings in my facebook group , along with a link to your catalog. (All products must be visible in the catalog.)


Show us how you're selling your bundle.

All entries must have the following:

  •  Finished icons that show the products clearly with identifiable creator branding. (This helps us with wishlist gifting!)  No  "coming soon" or irrelevant icons. 

  • Clear and enticing product shots on product pages - people still shop on the web site! 

  • All entry products must be available in a bundled product.

  • The entry MUST follow the theme of the contest or it will be disqualified from consideration. 

  • The textures on all entries will be evaluated for originality. Unaltered/customized stock or purchased textures will be penalized during judging. 

  • For those whose FB name differs from their IMVU name, please specify your IMVU name (must match the products entered).


At the end of the contest period, judging will begin and submissions of entries will be closed.

Judges will include Bonkolina and JacarandaTree. Additional guest judges will be announced for each contest.


So.....what do you get if you win?


Grand Prize: (Estimated value 50-60k+)

All expense paid creator spotlight party, where we will be gifting items from your catalog exclusively.

  • Guests are asked to "wishlist" items from your catalog and gift each other only from your catalog.

  • A live DJ for your event  will customize the broadcast specifically for your promotion, which will also include trivia questions and other contests for guests to win items from your catalog.

  • Custom signage and promotional items, some of which will vary depending on the theme of the bundle.

  • The grand prize of the promotion will be your bundle and will be gifted to the winning guest by Bonkolina. (A good reason to make that bundle 10 items or more!) 

To enter, you will need to have a Facebook account.  Contest details are also posted in my group: BonkolinaCreatorSpotlightContest.

Send a request to join this group.  Your entries must be posted there in order to be eligible.



How will the winning entry be selected?


Each entry will be judged as a whole - meaning all the products in your entry will be evaluated individually and collectively.

Judges will rate your entry in response to specific questions as follows:

  • Did the entry follow the specified theme?

  • Does the entry include all of the required meshes?

  • Were all *required* products in the entry submitted to the catalog?

  • Did the contestant create a bundle?

  • Are there at least 10 items in the bundle? 

  • Is the name of the bundle memorable?

  • Are the color choices and patterns in harmony?

  • Is the texture quality clear and crisp?

  • Were the textures applied in a way that is visually logical and appealing?

  • Would you consider the entry's interpretation of the theme unique or original?

  • Do the product icons represent each product clearly and accurately?

  • Does each product page contain a visual representation of the product?

  • Are the textures used original creations or obtained through file sales?  (If so, were they customized or modified in any discernable way?)*


Judges can then write a brief overall impression of the entry.

After all the questions are answered and rated by the judges, the score will be tallied. The creator with the highest overall score wins!

Judges can then nominate up to 3 entries for the "Honorable Mention Award" of 5,000 credits.



It has become apparent that some creators are using purchased textures in their entries.  While this is acceptable for submitting items to the catalog, the Creator Spotlight competition is not about how well you can apply someone else's textures to the meshes, but what you are able to create on your own


As such, judging criteria has been added to determine whether or not the textures in your entries are your original creations or if they are purchased textures applied without any modification or customization

How do you know it's a purchased texture? 

Purchased textures are easy to spot because they tend to use the same style, resulting in a lot of derivations that look pretty much the same from  product to product.  (When two separate entries used the same texture, it was pretty obvious to us.) 

When the originality of your textures is in question, we will be looking at your catalog to see whether your earlier work demonstrates a similar style and level of expertise with a graphics program as your entry does. So if you started out with some basic skills then suddenly became a graphics wiz, that's going to affect the judging of your entry.  The advantage will go to those who clearly created their own textures, regardless of how great your entry may look by comparison.  It's only fair. 

B. Creative is not just a clever tag line, it's a philosophy.


While it's nice if you can take someone else's textures and utilize them in a way that's visually appealing, that's not the kind of talent that we're hoping to discover and promote.  Going forward I'm hoping to see entries that demonstrate a working knowledge of a graphics application and a talent for original texture creation.  

It is my hope that this will encourage everyone to learn, grow and discover your own talents as a creator.


NOTE: If you have already won a Creator Spotlight Challenge, you cannot win again for 6 months.  

(You are welcome to participate for the exposure and consideration as an honorable mention. ) 

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