The Creator Spotlight Is Back On!

It's a brand new year and a brand new chance to be a Bonkolina Spotlight Creator!
This time around we're reaching out to the entire creator community and inviting you to show everyone what you can do!

In the past I've looked for talented creators to spotlight and that process was time-consuming and limiting.  By making the Spotlight program a contest, the playing field is level and anyone who enters has an equal chance to win!  

To ensure complete transparency and fairness, the contest will be judged by JacarandaTree, myself and a guest judge that will change each month.  The criteria for judging entries has been posted so that all contestants know exactly what the judges will be looking for. 

I'm looking forward to seeing your entries and hope you will use the contest as a way to showcase your skills and talents.  Participation alone can increase your catalog's visibility as the contest will be promoted and followed by many.

To enter, you will need to have a Facebook account.  Contest details are posted in my group: 
Send a request to join this group.  Your entries must be posted there in order to be eligible.  


Derivations of the meshes shown above are required for participation in the contest. Click the individual slides for links to the derivables. 

For the first Spotlight Challenge, I am proud to announce that Donatella will be our very first guest judge!  Well known for her stunning rooms and meshes, Donatella will lend her expertise to help use select a winner for this month's challenge.  In future contests we will bring in other well-known and respected judges to help us select a winner. 

How will the winning entry be selected?

Each entry will be judged as a whole - meaning all the products in your entry will be evaluated individually and collectively.

Judges will rate your entry in response to specific questions as follows:


1 - Not at all
2 - Somewhat
3 - Totally


  • Did the entry follow the specified theme?

  • Does the entry include all of the required meshes?

  • Were all *required* products in the entry submitted to the catalog?

  • Did the contestant create a bundle?

  • Is the name of the bundle memorable?

  • Are the color choices and patterns in harmony?

  • Is the texture quality clear and crisp?

  • Were the textures applied in a way that is visually logical and appealing?

  • Would you consider the entry's interpretation of the theme unique or original?

  • Do the product icons represent each product clearly and accurately?

  • Does each product page contain a visual representation of the product?


Judges can then write a brief overall impression of the entry.

After all the questions are answered and rated by the judges, the score will be tallied. The creator with the highest overall score wins!

Judges can then nominate up to 3 entries for the "Honorable Mention Award" of 5,000 credits.

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