Challenge #2:  "One For The Guys"

This month let's focus on one of IMVU's most under-served communities: MEN.


In this contest you will create the ideal furnishings from a male point of view.  Whether it's a neighborhood pub, a cigar club, a sports bar or a cozy man-cave, you decide.

PLEASE NOTE: If you decide to go with a sports theme, DO NOT include the logos or branding of ANY sports team. It must have broad appeal and not infringe anyone's copyrights. 



ENTRY DEADLINE: March 6, 2015 11:59 EST


THEME: “One For The Guys”


Winner announced March 9

Promotional Party For the Winner: Mar 20

For contest rules and guidelines, click here.

All contest entries must be submitted to the Creator Spotlight Contest group on Facebook.  Click here to join.

Are you ready for the Spotlight? 

Click on each picture to get the derivable product.

All bundles must consist of a minimum of 10 items. (Additional items need not be Bonkolina meshes.) 

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